This is how a sponsored video works. Not a lot of babbling, but showing what the thing can do!

Maximilian M.

Almost like DSLR quality.
The riding was sick, too.

Ben Soumokil

crazy shots with the crazy moves. something special here ❤️❤️❤️


The Campaign

Background & Strategy

Gen Z loves content and communities but rarely advertising. They prefer to celebrate what influencers and creators do and share, primarily when they represent new badass skills, such as in e-sports and extreme sports. Do What You Can't, Samsung's brand essence is the perfect match for this mindset. So what could be more natural than a content partnership when Our House, the innovative support program of Sporthilfe, sponsors action athletes from the fields of BMX, parkour, and wakeboarding on a road trip through Germany?


Just let the selected twelve athletes and creators do what they do best anyway: Tricks and clips. Only this time consistently and exclusively #withGalaxy For this, all crews were equipped with the Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra 5G and accessories. They were also given concrete instructions on the best features and functions (e.g., Super Slo-Mo or Night Mode) and used them to create and share their content. Samsung was thus able to directly show what is currently possible in terms of video and photo technology with the right smartphone out of pocket without many words or awkward influencer posing.


During the week-long road trip, each crew shot a four-minute best-of video using only the Galaxy Note 20, followed by a 20-minute behind-the-scenes documentary. First impressions and tricks were even shared live by the athletes during the trip as Instagram Stories and posts under #withGalaxy. In the second phase of the campaign, the influencer's content became numerous sponsored posts and video ads. Due to their authenticity, they received an extremely positive response from the critical core target group and led directly back to the long-form videos of the first phase.

The Best of the Scene

on the road #withGalaxy

The Multi-Channel-Campaign

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Ad Sequencing

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The Results:

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