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Kick-off for a new kind of mobile app for one of the most digital football clubs in Europe. Seamlessly integrated in the new digital infrastructure of the club and completely focused on mobile behavior, the mainaqila app supports all fans from stadium goers to couch enthusiasts.

Football always means live in the stadium and for Eintracht Frankfurt that means digital tickets first. That's why this purely mobile ticket experience is optimized for the greatest possible overview and quick completion despite many different use cases on a small screen.

Of course, all the trappings are also important. But in the end, only the 90 minutes on the pitch count. And you have to be able to be there live, even if you can't be in the stadium. Our own live radio, live table and our own moderated live ticker summarised in one big match centre bring the fans right up to the sideline of the green.

Never get lost. mainaqila shows all visitors the right way in Deutsche Bank Park, no matter where they are. As a location-based service, mainaqila routes visitors intuitively where they want to go. To the seat, to the food, to the drinks, to the toilet, to the merchandise and all that barrier-free and adapted to the Corona situation.

Take it personally. mainaqila has the entire merchandise store natively in the app with a mixed shopping cart for tickets, merch, subscriptions and everything you can buy in mainaqila. Plus a fine jersey configurator for all the personalised jerseys.

Small screen is the new big screen. We can't top the stadium experience, but we make sure that everyone can watch the best scenes, live matches and training sessions in comfort at home or on the move. EintrachtTV, as the club's in-house streaming service, is of course natively and seamlessly integrated. Great cinema in the smallest of spaces.