Diversity and unity are under attack throughout Europe – including Germany. As a brand that helps people overcoming barriers, and that embraces variety through a diverse range of products, Samsung wanted to show support for all Germans who represent a modern, colourful, and inclusive society.

By automatically turning selfies into emojis, the world’s new de-facto universal language, and personalizing them, Samsung gathered Germans of all kinds around a central message of positivity. Hundreds of thousands people started to use their own customized emojis sets, from there on promoting diversity with every chat or post.

Digital displays and public installations amplified the mobile and web-campaign. Finally, on October 3rd, the national “Day of Germany unity”, all emojis where brought together on the Brandenburg Gate in a spectacular light show, creating a new powerful sign of German diversity, instantly shared across the whole world.

67 Million

media impressions


emojis created

20 Million

earned media

Best perceived campaign ever in Germany for Samsung.

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The Mobile App is available for free in the German Google Play Store.
Note: As of 31/01/18 the app features only a German keyboard layout.